Respect for little ones.

A good article from Jen Smidt over at the Resurgence on showing our little sons respect:

A mother’s respect for her son is founded upon his image bearing of her heavenly Father and belief that God has given her a powerful gift to steward for a season. A mother’s respect is born out of respect for Jesus and the cross: his life makes my life and my son’s life possible. A mother’s respect is based upon her trust in God to develop a godly man, husband, father, and leader out of the tiny one that she holds but for a brief moment.

Boys will not merely be boys; they will be men. It’s convicting to look at your two or four or six-week old and think that, and then treat them with all the dignity that God created in them—all while they’re being silly, won’t stop saying “poopy” as an adjective for every noun they know, and hit their brother for the umpteenth time today over one of our four Lightning McQueen cars.

But the reality is our three feet will (Lord willing) be men someday, and our attitude toward them today shapes who they will become.


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