The art of bodyslamming your child.

Over at the Art of Manliness (the title says it all), the McKay’s point out what fathers everywhere have long known: the kids, and especially the boys, need to be roughed up a bit. I know in my house they actually beg for it every night when I come home.

We all want kids who end up like Atticus Finch–moral, upright, compassionate. That’s exactly why you need to body slam your kid every now and then.

This is astonishing but, believe it or not, the boys respond to discipline and teaching so much better when they have regular doses of wrestlin’ with Daddy. (Not so much our six-week-old. Tried and failed, take my word for it). And this coming from the guy with a sore head (and groin) from about 10 minutes of rough-housing under his belt this evening.

Read the rest of the article HERE.


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