Massive headwound harry.

My wife and I have often joked that with three little boys we need a punch pass for the ER. Benjamin has gotten his finger caught in a door hinge, fallen out of bed and needed fourteen stitches accross his brow, and Martyn just recently slammed his thumb in the car door, requiring stitches on that trip as well.

Last night we heard someone (Martyn, as it turns out) fall out of bed and crash to the floor. Crying insued. Now the checkup includes taking him into the light and giving him a 14-point full body inspection. No blood. No concussion. We’re clear.

But as only a male could do, it reminded me of an old Saturday Night Live skit, Massive Headwound Harry. That was what I called Martyn (note the compassion), who in the last two days has had about ten head wounds of various kinds. His noggin takes a beating. Timeless little piece, and maybe worth a laugh. You can watch the clip online HERE.


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