The day of small things.

Rachel Jankovic has a great post over at Femina about seeing the value of all the small things each day a mother does. In reference to Luke 16:10 she writes:

The more we are faithfully disciplining  ourselves, controlling ourselves, confessing our sins that are tiny, the more the little things we do are actually big. They are not little anymore, when we are faithful in them. God uses faithfulness to transform the little. It will not stay little in the presence of faithfulness.

Of course this applies not merely to motherhood, but to all of life. All the little things we do that seem so meaningless find great value and significance when we do them in faithfulness to God. Her article reminded me of Zechariah 4:10 and the injunction to ‘despise not the day of small things,’ because in the end they will prove to be big things after all. Every diaper changed, every basket of laundry folded, every customer served, every schedule completed, every bag of garbage taken out.


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