Benjamin’s bucket list.

The other day Benjamin asked my wife, out of nowhere, “Someday, before I’m 40, can you knit me a toy robot so that I can take that robot and say, ‘Hey toy robot, how ya doin’?”

Of course this prompted me to ask Benjamin what else he’d like to do before he was forty. The list probably proves he has ADHD (backed by scientific research). He only had one response.

1) “I’d like to fix the fan in my room before I’m forty. That way I can give it to my kids and they can break it like we did. That’s all I can think of right now; I’m out of thoughts. I’ll tell you later if I think of something else.”

Travel to Europe, Nah. Climb a mountain, I think not. Fix the fan in your room so your kids can re-destroy it, absolutely. The aspirations of a three-footer.


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