Man up.

Justin Taylor has a post featuring Lecrae’s new hip hop video Man Up Anthem on his blog over at Between Two Worlds. The video features Trip Lee riffin’ on the broken down status of that particular segment of the culture:

Where the men at, seems like they all lost,none of them are on the scene, Seems like they died off.

As a father of sons and as a Christian, I have a grave concern that my boys grow up to be men. But it wasn’t until my job took me to the streets of inner city Louisville that I began to have eyes for the plight of that part of the culture. It’s a hip-hop, predominantly black, drug-and-alcohol-saturated, welfare dominated, violence infused part of town. There are great people who live there—my friends—but there are also visible signs of depravity that pain even the most seasoned folks who’ve spent their whole lives there.

One of my friends, who’s been in west-end Louisville all his life, was lamenting the other day, “Man, every girl down here got a baby. Seventeen years old and they all got babies. Baby mamas and baby daddy’s, but none of the daddy’s any good for nothin. They’re never around. Deadbeats, man.” That was the reverberating echo of Trip Lee’s question: where are all the men at?

What Lecrae and his peers have picked up on shouldn’t be missed: behind every particular problem with the culture lies a failure, to one extent or the other, of biblical masculinity. Think about that one for a minute. Likewise, this makes focusing on the presence of genuine, scriptural masculinity of essential importance to transforming the culture at large. The culture can’t change unless males start acting like men.

Nothing illustrates the importance of this point like watching the complete and utter breakdown of true masculinity right before your face. The man who punched his girlfriend in the jaw in your lobby. The countless men and women who smoke weed with their one-year-old sitting in the passenger seat. The gang-banger thugs whose language toward women is so foul that you either have to ask them to leave now or call the cops. The countless fights at storefront, the police, the crack addict’s outrage at his drug-addicted girlfriend.

You’ll never forget the faces of the toddlers who have sadness and hardship glistening off their eyes like foam from the storming sea within. The father in you can’t help but see.

And that’s exactly why it’s high time some real men stood up and called their peers to Man Up. For we live in a world that is desperate for real men.


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