Thank God, I’m still a guy.

In our current culture it is becoming more and more passe to associate roles and behaviors with any particular gender or to think of anything as something men or women do exclusively. So you’ve got people who want to let our kids decide their own gender identity, men wearing women’s jeans, and dudes reaching the apparent height of coolness on the journey toward “metrosexuality.”

My son, almost five, seems pretty attune to all of this, too. He asks regularly, “Do I have to do that to be a man?” He is aware, despite the cultural schizophrenia, that men and women act differently. Recently he asked me, “Do I need to grow a beard as a man?” To which I answered, Heck yes.

I don’t want my kid thinking masculinity is some quest for femininity or metrosexuality, which is really more of a homosexual agenda, anyway (see Queer Eye for the Straight Guy). It’s good for men to do male things. Protect, provide, wear your beard, take out the trash, enjoy your pipe, your bourbon, and love your family with all you’ve got. But don’t be a woman. Brad Paisley was right when he sang,

 These days there’s dudes getting facials/Manicured, waxed and botoxed/With deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands You can’t grip a tacklebox/
With all of these men lining up to get neutered/ It’s hip now to be feminized/ I don’t highlight my hair I’ve still got a pair/ Yeah honey, I’m still a guy/
Oh my eyebrows ain’t plucked/ There’s a gun in my truck/ Oh thank God, I’m still a guy

Your boys don’t need to be girls, and neither do you, man. There are gender-based, God-ordained differences that show up in lifestyle choices. Your sons don’t need to see you getting spray tans or facials; they need to see you provide in a masculine way that may just include wearing your beard like a Lion wears his mane, carrying a gun in your truck (or Prius) to protect the family, or taking your son fishing (not to a chick flick). In the words of Mr JC Ryle, ‘Come, arise, let us play the man.’


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