No 3. Just an ordinary day

I had the opportunity yesterday to have a hangout day with my five-year-old, a little Chick-fil-A, a little playground romping, a little hiking through the woods and exploring the river. The whole thing was eye opening, as I thought of some of the things Davin’s mom reminded me about her three sons.

“What a joy [your three boys] must be to you and your wife. Treasure your time with them as it all goes too fast.”

And then there was the conversation with Davin’s friend Raleigh, who said of the last week and the hospice care and the dying,

“It was so heartbreaking and tough to see his mom, mourning and watching her “miracle baby” dying. It’s just devastating.”

So I think about the Henricksons with their three grown sons like it’s me years from now, and as I watch my son climbing hills and fashioning weapons in his mind out of sticks, I can’t help but soberly take stock of life. Enjoy these days, because you won’t have them forever.

That’s the word, I think, in all of this—not to fret and worry over every minute detail, but to treasure the moments God has given each of us today. So I’m grateful for yesterday, for the opportunity to treasure the sweet little moments God gave.

My son, who spent an hour at the window, eagerly waiting for me to finish cutting the grass so we could go to lunch together. Playing goats and trolls under the playground bridge. And those grown-men-do-cry seconds on the way home when his precious little mouth affirms from the backseat, “Daddy, I love you. This was the best day.”

I’m so thankful for Davin, for teaching me to treasure each moment that I may have otherwise just let pass me by. He makes me take time to delight in my boys, as I ponder the boy in whom was so much of his parent’s delight. And it makes me want that, should my son die of cancer at 33 (or whatever else God decrees for him), he live up to the kind of man Davin was.

“A wise son makes a father glad” (Proverbs 10:1).

What about you, are you treasuring whatever moments the Lord has given you today? Are you able to thank God for the people he’s put in your life and to enjoy them as God’s gifts to you? Or are you letting it pass you by?


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