Laugh a Little


Lately I’ve been thinking about a lot of heavy things as I read Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s biography—dying for what you believe, facing tyranny and evil, the horrors of the holocaust and trying ethical dilemmas. I’ve reflected on similar themes as I continue to find my friend Davin, and it all makes for a somewhat somber mood.

But one of the things about the great men I’ve encountered in my life, including Bonhoeffer and Davin, is their ability to take delight in small things even in the midst of amazingly difficult circumstances. Fortunately, I have three little boys to help me out in this arena.

As I walked out of my office today with all these things on my mind, I passed the bathroom, where my three-year-old was standing. The door was wide open, as always, and he was peeing—a truly proud moment in the life of a boy. Except this time he was wearing a cape made by his Grammie, black with a giant “M” on the back of it. An even prouder moment for my little superhero in training.

He looked out at me without shame or hesitation and said, perhaps catching my look of giggling surprise, “Daddy, it’s okay. I’m a superhero. Superheros have to pee too. But I’m keeping my cape out of the toilet.”

There’s nothing quite like a hearty chuckle and a joyful moment in the midst of life, a good reminder from Three Feet to laugh a little. It’s good for the heart.



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