About Three Feet


The View From Three Feet came about from observing the life of my three boys. I began writing a blog that looked at life from their perspective, which is more often than not humorous, regularly convicting, and always interesting. Much of the blog captures their words, doings, and overall view of the world—all from under three feet tall. And there’s three sets of feet now, so it all fits nicely together, much as they do.

Often people in the business world talk about taking the view from 30,000 feet, which means gaining a greater perspective on life by getting above it all, seeing the “bigger picture.” In this case, it means getting closer to the ground to see life through the eyes of the ones who always seem to carry on with such mirth, insight, simplicity, and self-blind genuineness. Seeing as they see really does change us. It humbles us. It makes us lighten up and take ourselves a little less seriously. It teaches us to have fun again.

Like many things in life, the blog has changed some with the ebb and flow of life. I’ve written a lot about suffering, especially since Davin died. And I’ve written about a tragedy I lived through in Colorado. As we teach our children, life is full of sadness, pain and death, but these things come to us in relationship with our Father who loves us and grows us up into maturity through the difficulties we face.

My hope and prayer is that these writings will be a blessing to you.

“You best I hope you best.”
(My four-year-old’s version of “May the Lord bless you and keep you”)








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